Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Tiles

Some time ago, I found this fish decoration at a junk shop. I always wanted to make something with it and decided it would look cool on a tile. Last week I rolled out the clay and made some impressions. I actually made them to be cast in plaster, so that I can pour and reproduce them to be 4x6" and 4x8" tiles. Pretty cool! Now I can line my kitchen or bathroom with a boarder or something. My daughter will probably say they're scary. She thinks this about a lot of my pieces... I wonder what Tim Burton's kids think of his work?

There is some trickiness to the shrinkage of clay, etc., and my math isn't great... so this is an experiment to see what the final size will be after firing. Hopefully close to the intended size. I will pour and fire them soon and try out a couple of glazes.

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