Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Karmic Reward

I feel like I was rewarded by the Universe this week.

For the past few weeks I have been going through stacks of books, clothes and household goods, purging things I no longer use or want. I got myself into an organization tizzy and for days I was clearing out cupboards and shelves, and even one person from my life! It became addictive and refreshing to create empty space. I picked up my book on Feng Shui to start over again.

Something about the fall makes me want to start fresh; open the doors and windows and let the air rush through the house. There are new birds here as the fall has almost arrived. I heard a new owl last night. Now there are two.

The pile in my garage had grown large enough and I decided to load it into my car to drop off at the thrift store. I went inside to look around and I found the cedar chest I've been wanting for two years. My heart soared! It was $80 and a little beat up, but still a beauty. Refinished, these things run $400. Of course I bought it and now it is home, awaiting dusting in my garage.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Peppers

My progress seems unreal lately. I have been churning out these things like a madwoman. I am so happy to have found a system that seems to work. I can pour two molds each day while working on the previous days' molds. I don't want you to think these are production pieces. Though they are, they are still handmade and each one is sculpted by me. The mold serves as a template. After I remove it from the plaster cast, I cut each lid and add some decorative finishes onto each one. Each pepper is an original. I had my tarot cards read recently at a friend's house. The cards said that I would experience a new beginning in the fall. And that my problems of the spring would seem forever away. This was the first time I'd had my cards read by someone other than myself. It was a great reading. She was surprised at the good fortune of my reading. Anyhow, it is just fun to see the connections here. I am quickly filling my kiln for the next firing.