Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cord For Life Foundation

This post is totally off the subject of art, but I wanted to write about how I recently donated my newborn baby's umbilical cord blood.

I am a strong advocate for recycling. When I found out that I could "recycle" the cord blood after delivery I was eager to do so. During my pregnancy I read a magazine article about donating the baby's cord blood. After doing some research I decided not to save the blood for personal storage, but realized that someone else could have it and possibly use it to save a life. Most people don't know that pregnant women can donate this precious cord blood after delivery. It is such a simple and easy thing to do. It didn't cost me anything but a little time and preparation.

After contacting the Cord For Life Foundation about donating the blood, I signed and returned the paperwork. They "approved me"  and sent back a blood collection kit that I took with me to the hospital. My doctor collected the blood after delivery and the blood bank picked it up. I wish more people would do this. The Cord For Life Foundation was so happy with my donation that they invited me to their fundraiser last weekend to speak about my experience.

I hope that my cord blood goes to a family who can use it. I hope that more people will learn about it and take action to help others.