Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Inspiration Day

I woke up much earlier than usual today with great inspiration. I have my first street festival coming up next week and my mind is churning. My brain was thinking about other possible things I could sell at the festival. I remembered that I have several of the Valentine hearts I made last February http://anneinclayland.blogspot.com/2010/02/clay-valentines.html  as well as the Elmo magnets left over from Mia's birthday party http://anneinclayland.blogspot.com/2010/08/27-elmos.html So I got out of bed and ransacked the studio for any possible tiles to use for magnets or ornaments. With Christmas coming up, I have high hopes of making some sales at this festival. I hope it's not a huge disappointment.

After sorting through the tiles, I had plenty of time to glaze a couple of the peppers for my upcoming firing. I was working so fast as the sun was coming up. I guess I was in some kind of trance as I was painting because I don't even remember hearing birds sing or crickets, or people leaving for work. Finally after going inside to make coffee,  I listed a few pieces on Ebay, and it turns out that most of the listings were free! I guess they were running a deal. Let's hope Ryan doesn't get a bill later. HA! Then I found the magnets I need for the show at a local store! Awesome! I really thought I'd have to work harder. So that was pretty lucky.

I'm a little anxious about the show next week although I have plenty of materials to show and sell. I've never done a street festival so I hope I can make some sales. It seems like a lot of work to drag my things out there and shmooze with the locals. I hope it's worth it!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keep it Simple

After seeing my old drawings photographed I decided to really edit them down to just a few. Less is More. And I'm calling them My Folk Art. Although I am not a true Folk Artist, I am not self taught, I do have a great love and appreciation for Folk Art. I drew some pictures in this style during my middle of the night rants with the chalk and paper and my dreams.

I first learned about Folk Art in a college course I took. I had a wonderful, passionate professor, Dr. Kristen Congdon, who loved these artists. She would meet them and sit and talk with them and really learn about their lives. And so began my love for these artists too. I began to really study the artists, collect their art and I even met a few of the artists. They always told me not to learn too much. Keep it simple. And this is a motto that I try to live by.

I have placed a few of my drawings for free download on my blog. The would make great covers for notecards or postcards. Please use them. Send them to your friends. And Keep it Simple.