Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bleeding for my Craft

For some reason I expect more from myself  in a week's time.
This past week I got the outer frame done. More pink glass beads! It's exquisite! I also started the sea background and placed some pieces at the bottom for sand. I'm not sure yet about the bottom ones, maybe I want more contrast. It takes a long time to get all those little pieces in there! And today I cut my finger, which is
not unusual. I meant to take a nice bloody photo for the blog,
but forgot and washed my hand. It's not so gory without the
blood there.

Anyhow, here is a photo of The Octopus - Week 3. She is going to look so great! I need a name for my new creature. Originally I thought it was a him, but now with the teal and pink.... I am just not sure. Any suggestions? Ophelia? Opal? Oscar?

I also made progress on my Bug Boxes. I got the handles into the styrofoam and ready for plaster. However, with the weather changing so much... I am not mixing plaster in the cold or the rain. No Way! It's supposed to rain late today and tomorrow. Maybe I can plan for Thursday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Octopus - Week 2

Here it is!  Week 2 of The Octopus.

I reworked the tentacles and I'm almost happy with the way they look. I like the way they break the frame. After looking at an older piece, Meredith the Mermaid (below), I asked myself why I didn't frame out the mirror and decided to try it for this one. My fear is that is is too gaudy... too many beads... too girly. But sometimes girly is good! I will probably have to rework the tentacles again on the bottom part of the piece to allow for the frame to be more consistent.

This weekly check-in and taking photos gives me new perspective on the artwork. It looks different on the table in front of me vs. on the computer screen.
Meridith the Mermaid

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Octopus - Week 1

Happy New Year! I am going to post a progression of my newest Magic Mirror, The Octopus. Here is a photo of the preliminary drawing and starting the head and tentacles. It will likely change shape as I continue to work on it. I am so excited about this new piece! It is coming together pretty fast. Sometimes I get really inspired by a shape or creature and can't wait to bring it to life. Just imagining the  Jelly-like movements of the Octopus, swimming in the sea. It may sound crazy, but I love to spend time with him!

This first set of tiles, for the Octopus' body, were done with the red clay back in 2010 The textures came from metal hardware that I found somewhere, and it was a good test on red clay with this glaze. I am running a little short on tiles, so I may have to amend the picture from the original drawing. That's fine. It will look great.

I need to fire my kiln again soon... the tiles I glazed last week were somehow painted totally the wrong color. I am not sure how this happened! Ugh! Apparently I wasn't paying attention. One great thing about ceramics is that (sometimes) you can glaze over the old glaze and re-fire the piece. If I fire them by Thursday I can use them to work with over the weekend... assuming I got the color right this time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Slow and Steady

Some of you have been asking how my show went last month...

I enjoyed setting up my table and meeting some really great people. I can't say that I made spectacular sales... just one! But one is better than none, right? It was dark and cold, I can't expect miracles. But the outdoor show circuit is a better fit for me than the gallery circuit. I did a gallery show in 2009 and just didn't feel comfortable there. Plus I had no control over how my work was shown and was pretty upset with the way it was displayed. The Alive After 5 show in Sanford was a good place to start, and I think I had a good spot - right next to The Wine Bar! I even bought a beer from the guy next to me and made friends for the night. So it was fun. The crowd was lively and supportive of my work. I got a lot of positive feedback from people, just no buyers that night. The artist next to me said November was a better month for sales, as she is a regular at this venue. I will try again. And I think a daytime show would better represent my work - no fighting against the darkness and the cold. Now I just have to motivate myself to do it again.

I have started a new mosaic. Yes, back to the Magic Mirrors. I actually drew this one out about a year ago before finding my mentor for the slipcasting. Today I am firing the kiln with some new tiles for the new mirror. I look forward to piecing it together and another beautiful work of art to grace your home.

And another great thing happened today. An old friend wrote me to ask about a mosaic she had seen previously listed on Etsy, as she wanted it for her new baby girl's bedroom. I feel so happy to get this piece to my friend. I love to make artwork, and yes, I want to sell it. But the main thing is for other people to be able to enjoy it and appreciate it. I make these pieces partly for myself - to bring my visions to life. But also, the art needs a good home where someone will love it. Goodbye Seaside Lisa. May you love my dear friend and New York City.