Friday, March 4, 2011

New Photos

Here's a photo of my friend's bathroom with the lovely Mermaids! Yes, more mermaids. One of my earlier pieces but lovely, nonetheless. This week I took some new photographs of my work and contacted a few art reps, magazines, designers and contests. Really just showing the photos to different types of people and seeing who may like it. It's all trial and error right now. I hope something breaks soon.

Today I started making molds for those Bug Boxes. It's not that I want to take time away from my next mosaic, I just am being frugal. I want to use up the plaster I purchased before it expires. Plaster is kind of a pain in the ass. It gets everywhere and dries in these chunks. I wasn't quite prepared for mixing too much of it.

I decided recently that I want to learn sewing. This woman inspired me to try new things.
I recently found a friend to teach me how to sew, and someone else gave me a sewing machine. I guess it is time for me to learn!

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