Monday, January 3, 2011

Slow and Steady

Some of you have been asking how my show went last month...

I enjoyed setting up my table and meeting some really great people. I can't say that I made spectacular sales... just one! But one is better than none, right? It was dark and cold, I can't expect miracles. But the outdoor show circuit is a better fit for me than the gallery circuit. I did a gallery show in 2009 and just didn't feel comfortable there. Plus I had no control over how my work was shown and was pretty upset with the way it was displayed. The Alive After 5 show in Sanford was a good place to start, and I think I had a good spot - right next to The Wine Bar! I even bought a beer from the guy next to me and made friends for the night. So it was fun. The crowd was lively and supportive of my work. I got a lot of positive feedback from people, just no buyers that night. The artist next to me said November was a better month for sales, as she is a regular at this venue. I will try again. And I think a daytime show would better represent my work - no fighting against the darkness and the cold. Now I just have to motivate myself to do it again.

I have started a new mosaic. Yes, back to the Magic Mirrors. I actually drew this one out about a year ago before finding my mentor for the slipcasting. Today I am firing the kiln with some new tiles for the new mirror. I look forward to piecing it together and another beautiful work of art to grace your home.

And another great thing happened today. An old friend wrote me to ask about a mosaic she had seen previously listed on Etsy, as she wanted it for her new baby girl's bedroom. I feel so happy to get this piece to my friend. I love to make artwork, and yes, I want to sell it. But the main thing is for other people to be able to enjoy it and appreciate it. I make these pieces partly for myself - to bring my visions to life. But also, the art needs a good home where someone will love it. Goodbye Seaside Lisa. May you love my dear friend and New York City.

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