Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Octopus - Week 2

Here it is!  Week 2 of The Octopus.

I reworked the tentacles and I'm almost happy with the way they look. I like the way they break the frame. After looking at an older piece, Meredith the Mermaid (below), I asked myself why I didn't frame out the mirror and decided to try it for this one. My fear is that is is too gaudy... too many beads... too girly. But sometimes girly is good! I will probably have to rework the tentacles again on the bottom part of the piece to allow for the frame to be more consistent.

This weekly check-in and taking photos gives me new perspective on the artwork. It looks different on the table in front of me vs. on the computer screen.
Meridith the Mermaid

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